COP21 launch event in Canberra

Director of UNIC Canberra Christopher Woodthorpe addressing the audience at COP21 launch event in Canberra On Monday 30 November UNIC Canberra, took part in the symbolic event to mark the opening of the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris organised to coincide with the ​start of the​ conference in Paris. Held at the French Embassy in Canberra, the event was co-Organised with a number of other Diplomatic Missions based in Australia.

​A keynote speech was delivered by the Minister of International Development and the Pacific, The Hon. Steven Ciobo and well as a synchronized speech symbolizing the collective support for the Conference given by the French, European Union,Norwegian and Papua New Guinean Ambassadors as well as UNIC. In addressing the attendees, ​UNIC Director ​Mr Woodthorpe spoke of the Paris conference as “not the end point, but [marking] the floor, not the ceiling of our ambition. It must be the turning point towards a low-emission, climate-resilient future.”

Over 100 guests were in attendance, representing the Australian Government, Diplomatic Missions, businesses, climate think-tanks, NGOs, academics and media. In a further gesture to sustainable living all the food provided was sourced from excess food of Canberra’s commercial outlets.