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Turn the Tide on Plastics in the Ocean

The citizens of Port Adelaide and the City of Adelaide responded to the call to help make a difference in saving our ocean. Asked to turn up to play a part in a creative art installation on Semaphore Beach some 50 people dressed in black suits and top hats, braved the lashing rain showers and 40 km/hr winds to join artist Andrew Baines in his work at the ocean’s edge. Forming a solemn line they stared out on the ocean that is in serious trouble as a result of human activities. The brooding images produced will form the basis of further artworks by the artist and also provided great material for both local media and the social media outreach of those who were there.

Prior to the event, which UNIC Canberra worked on with the UN Association of Australia’s South Australia branch, the UNIC Director addressed the participants stressing the dire state of our ocean and highlighting the damage done to them by plastics. He noted that unless we changed our ways, by 2050 we would see more plastic in the ocean than fish and thanked everyone for turning out to help send a message that the world needs to act; whether as delegates to the Ocean Conference, through local groups or through individual action. His call for action and protection of the ocean was echoed in speeches by both the Mayor of Port Adelaide and the Lord Mayor of the City of Adelaide, each of whom then joined the line at the water’s edge to add action to their words.

International Day For The World’s Indigenous Peoples August 9


IDWIP_identifier_EWhen states and religious denominations developed formal education for indigenous peoples, indigenous cultures, languages and practices were often ignored or discouraged. The education sector is a particular arena that not only mirrors and condenses the historical abuses, discrimination and marginalization suffered by indigenous peoples, but also reflects their continued struggle for equality and respect for their rights as peoples and as individuals.

Efforts should be made to ensure that indigenous peoples have access to education IDWIP_photo_card_Ethat is culturally and linguistically appropriate and that does not aim at or result in unwanted assimilation.
Learn more about the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples: http://bit.ly/idwip16