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Pacific goes to work early on disaster risk reduction

Secretary-General Ban Ki-mooon (front, second from right); his wife, Yoo Soon-taek (left of Mr. Ban); and Amberoti Nikora (right), Minister of Environment of Kiribati; stand at the highest point on Kiribati’s Tarawa atoll, a mere 3.5 metres above sea level.   With its low-lying lands, Tarawa faces a serious threat from the rising tides caused by climate change. 05 September 2011 Tarawa, KiribatiEvery day the Pacific wakes up and goes to work ahead of the rest of the world and next week it will do the same as it kicks off a series of regional consultations that will shape the successor agreement to the Hyogo Framework for Action after 2015. The Pacific Platform for Disaster Risk Management and the Pacific Climate Change Continue reading