Australian Launch of International Year of Quinoa

Children at Killkenny Primary School cooking QuinoaOn 28th of June, Director of UNIC Canberra officially launched the United Nations International Year of Quinoa in Australia at a reception at Government House Adelaide hosted by His Excellency the Governor of South Australia, Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce AC CSC RANR. In attendance were HE Mr Raul Gangotena, Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador, members of Adelaide’s culinary scene, the only commercial quinoa growers in Australia, and other distinguished guests.

A highlight of the official launch were the quinoa inspired art works presented by the University of South Australia Art students who were tasked with creating an art work which would promote the Year and its goals.

With support from the United Nations Association of Australia, South Australian Division, a wide range of community activities were planned to celebrate the International Year of Quinoa with strong support from South Australia’s culinary scene including local markets and restaurants, as well as quinoa cooking classes with local schools and members of the public.

One such activity was a quinoa cooking class at Killkenny Primary School, who’s students look after and grow their own organic vegetables. Using their own produce, and under skilled instructions of Danyse Crotti, a local food coach, the students cooked a number of quinoa dishes including quinoa sushi, and an Asian-style quinoa salad.

Quinoa recipes that the children cooked

Quinoa recipes that the children cooked

More than just a health food, quinoa is a superfood and the International Year aims to focus world attention on its exceptional nutritional qualities, its adaptability to different environmental conditions and its potential to contribute to the fight against hunger and malnutrition. Importantly, the Year also aims to recognise the Andean peoples who have preserved quinoa as a food for present and future generations through their traditional knowledge and practices of living in harmony with nature.

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