Australian Launch of MY World Survey

Director of UNIC Canberra speaking at the Australian launch of the MY World Survey  at the United Nations Association of Australia Annual Conference.The Director of UNIC Canberra, Mr Christopher Woodthorpe launched the United Nations global survey for a better world, the MY World survey at the Annual United Nations Association of Australia conference on the 9th of August, 2013. Speaking at the launch, which was held at the Australian National University, Mr Woodthorpe urged all those present to help the United Nations go past the 1 million votes mark in the lead up to the 2013 UN General Assembly, reaching out to as many Australians as possible, young or old, rich or poor, rural or urban.

In his remarks he also noted the survey’s versatility and accessibility. Not only is it available online in 14 different languages as well as in printed ballots, but the options it presents are also easily understood by most people no matter their age or background.

With over 800 000 votes from around the world already cast, 10 000 of which came from Australia alone, the MY World survey is an unprecedented effort by the United Nations and its partners to capture the world opinion, asking Australians and the rest of the world to choose their priorities for a better world.


From now until 2015, My World survey forms an integral part of the global process to set a post-2015 development agenda, one which seeks to eradicate extreme poverty and achieve sustainability and equality for all. In essence, MY World survey is a way for the United Nations to listen to what people think a new global agreement on development should look like.

At the conclusion of the launch everyone present was invited to mark a difference and vote for their future by marking the available printed ballots and casting their vote. Close to 100 people were involved on the day from all around Australia, many of whom represented NGOs and civil society organisations and showed great interest in promoting the survey to their members to reach the current one million vote goal.

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