International Year of Crystallography Photography Competition

UntitledCrystallography makes an enormous contribution to society. Amateur and professional photographers around the world are invited to submit stunning images that capture the spirit of crystallography in the places, objects and experiences of everyday life in recognition of the International Year of Crystallography 2014.


  • Photographs should be suitable for exhibition at high resolution (300 dpi). The smallest dimension should be about 3000 pixels (typical of an image from a 12 megapixel camera).
  • The total file size of the file uploaded must be less than 8MB. We may request a higher-resolution original if the photograph is selected for a prize or for use in the calendar/exhibition.
  • Photographs should be submitted in TIFF, JPEG, PNG or GIF formats (not RAW format).
  • Limited enhancement of the original photograph is permitted for the purpose of improving brightness and contrast or removing minor cosmetic flaws; but images should not be spatially distorted and multiple images may not be superimposed.


  • Closing date for submissions is 31 May 2014.
  • Entrants must be over 18 years of age.
  • A maximum of 5 photographs may be submitted by any individual.
  • Photographs must be submitted in digital form only by using the Web form located on the IYCR2014 website.
  • The submitter must own the copyright of the photograph.
  • By submitting a photograph, the submitter permits Agilent Technologies Inc. and the International Union of Crystallography to publish it with a Creative Commons Attribution Licence. This will allow its use for educational or other purposes, without further need of formal permission, so long as the submitter is acknowledged as the source.
  • Employees of Agilent Technologies Inc. and the International Union of Crystallography may submit photographs for consideration for the Academic Calendar or the exhibition that will be mounted during the Montreal Congress, but these submissions will not be eligible for a Prize Bursary.
  • The judging panel will be nominated by the International Union of Crystallography. The decisions of the judging panel are final.


  • Two Winners will each receive a USD 1000 bursary, sponsored by Agilent Technologies, to attend the IUCr Congress in Montreal in August 2014, where they will receive a prize certificate.
  • The 2 winning and 14 most highly commended entries will be used in a celebratory Agilent/IYCr2014 Academic Calendar for 2014/2015.
  • Winning and other noteworthy entries will be exhibited during the Montreal Congress.

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