Celebrating Crystallography at the National Science and Technology Centre Questacon

In celebration of the International Year of Crystallography, UNIC Canberra grew crystals with the National Science and Technology Centre Questacon on Thursday the 23rd of January.

The event opened with a screening of the What crystallography can do for you video that explained the vital branch of science’s contribution to society.

The diverse audience of children to grandparents watched as chemical solutions crystallised before their eyes.

UNIC Canberra Director, Mr Christopher Woodthorpe spoke about the United Nation’s goal of harnessing crystallography to help overcome present development challenges and how Australian’s can get involved in the campaign.

“As well as celebrating the work of the many scientists who have contributed to Crystallography, the Year aims to raise awareness about the importance of Crystallography, inspire young people to learn about crystals, promote education, research and collaboration between scientists and strengthen Crystallography programmes around the world,” he said.

In a talk about the various types of naturally-occurring and man-made crystals, Questacon Director, Professor Graham Durant highlighted the instrumental role crystals play in our everyday life.

Crystals grown by local school children were also displayed at the event.