Asia-Pacific Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot

UntitledThe OCHA Asia-Pacific Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot for 18-24 February 2014 focuses on the volcano activity and flooding in Indonesia and the Dengue Fever outbreaks in the Pacific Islands. 

1. INDONESIA The Volcanology Center in Indonesia (PVMBG) maintained Mt. Kelud’s
alert status at level 4, although there was some indication of decreasedactivity over the course of last week. The local authority (BPBD) of EastJava reported (as of 18 Feb) that a total of 83,088 persons from approximately 40 villages in 10 sub districts across Malang, Kediri and Blitar Districts were displaced. Following torrential rains, cold lava started to flow down to Sukomoro and Ngantang, interrupting access to Ngantang and Kediri-Malang. UN agencies are on the ground supporting the government in responding to this emergency. Source: OCHA

PACIFIC Dengue fever has now spread to the Cook Islands with public health officials reporting positive cases in Rarotonga. The Fiji Ministry of Health has requested the assistance of development partners to combat the spread of dengue fever, with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community purchasing insecticides and providing technical support. The outbreak is not expected to ease until the colder winter months around June and July. Source: OCHA

2. INDONESIA Torrential rains have caused heavy flooding in Papua Province, killing 11
people with two still missing. Reports indicate 15 houses were severely
damaged and another 40 were lightly damaged.
Source: ABC Australia

Ongoing Emergencies
Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan
Philippines: Bohol
Philippines: Zamboanga
Myanmar: Rakhine State
Myanmar: Kachin State

Precipitation Forecast
Greater than average rainfall is very likely for the Marshall Islands and
probable across Micronesia. Timor Leste and eastern parts of Indonesia are
likely to see less than average rainfall in the coming few months.