Cyber security, climate change and immigration central to student questions about diplomacy of the future

IMG_1052On the 23rd of May UNIC Canberra Director, Mr Christopher Woodthorpe joined an expert panel at the 2014 Gungahlin College Youth Forum in Canberra to discuss the topic “Next Generation Diplomacy”.

This year’s Forum brought together three hundred students from the college as well as students across the globe at St. Mercy’s school in San Francisco to pitch questions to the panel that also included diplomats from Japan and the USA and a prominent academic.

Cyber espionage and the effectiveness of social media campaigns such as #BringBackOurGirls and Kony 2012 were discussed as well as a number of other global issues ranging from immigration to climate change.

Mr Woodthorpe acknowledged the power that the students had as the largest generation ever of young people and that with such tools as social media, they had the means available to them to make a difference in global issues.

“As the largest generation of young people, the world is very much in your hands and it is important to be engaged in issues like Climate Change, as it is a real issue that impacts you all”, he said.