World Day Against Child Labour

Well designed social protection policies, sensitive to children’s needs, can make a real difference in the fight to eradicate child labour, said the International Labour Organization on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labour

According to the latest ILO global estimates, the total number of child labourers fell from 215 to 168 million between 2008 and 2012. In order to accelerate the decline in child labour the global community must address its root causes more effectively, the ILO said. 

“There is no secret as to what needs to be done,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder. “Social protection, along with universal compulsory, formal, quality education at least up to the minimum age for work, decent work for adults and youth of working age, effective law and strong social dialogue together provide the right response to child labour.” 

In addition to the theme of Social Protection, many events will be centred on the ILO’s Red Card to Child Labour campaign. This phase of the campaign will run from the opening on 12 June of the football World Cup to the 2016 Olympics, starting with a social media “Thunderclap” and events in Brazil and New York.