United Nations 70th anniversary website

The website presents a gateway to the rich history of the Organization – its founding, its eight Secretaries-General, and its many milestones over the decades including how Member States have driven change in areas like peace and security, development and human rights. Meanwhile, themes high on the UN agenda this anniversary year where Member States’ contributions will be instrumental in achieving successful outcomes – such as Beijing+20, Financing for Development, the post-2015 Development Agenda, and Climate Change – are also highlighted.

The website’s content has been curated from the UN system around the world and is broken down by simple categories. The organization of information will allow the specialist – journalists, delegates and students, for example – or members of the general public to easily find information, activities, and products related to the 70th anniversary of the United Nations.

The website will be updated over the year with new content that integrates the work of the principal pillars of the United Nations, highlights of major achievements over the past 70 years, and interactive elements aimed at younger audiences. UN information centres are welcome to contact colleagues in the Information Centres Service (Mr. Janos Tisovszky and Ms. Danielle Loff-Fernandes) with proposals for content that is being created for the anniversary and that can be featured in the UN70 portal, with one caveat – this is a website where most content is in the six official languages.

A range of multimedia content is also readily available on the site. Engaging videos, photo galleries, classic audio spots, and innovative digital tools like timelines, give viewers a visual insight into the work and impact of the Organization, past and present.