Concert to mark the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War

United Nations, New York – Oleg Lundstrem Jazz Orchestra
In 1934 Oleg and his friends — young musicians — decided to assemble their own jazz orchestra. The orchestra became a hit and the newspapers called Oleg Lundstrem “the King of Jazz of the Far East”. In 1947 the orchestra with their families arrived in the USSR.
In 1956 by a special decree of the Minister of Culture Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra was formed officially. Hence the active touring and concert life of the big band began. In November 1998 Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra became the first jazz big band ever to perform in the Big Concert Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire of Music. It is the most “Long Playing” big band in the world. This fact is recorded in the Russian Ginnes Book of Records.

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