Tripartisan support for food waste reduction by Australian Political Parties announced at Think.Eat.Save event in Canberra, Australia

Oz Harvest event in CanberraAll attending a Think.Eat.Save event in Canberra, this week, welcomed the announcement by Australian federal environment Minister, Mr. Greg Hunt, inviting the Labor party, the Australian Greens, and any interested federal cross-benchers into a dialogue to establish a National Food Waste 2025 Strategy.

Speaking at the Think.Eat.Save event at Parliament House, organized by OZHarvest and UNIC Canberra,the federal Minister also announced that Australian companies will be able to bid for funds to recover food waste as part of the federal government’s carbon emissions reduction plan.

This new plan to encourage food waste recovery was in recognition of the great national task of reducing poverty, waste and greenhouse emissions, the Minister said.

The CEO of OZHarvest, Ms. Ronnie Kahn, and a key partner with UNEP and FAO for the Think.Eat.Save campaign welcomed the announcement. She said that despite OZHarvest’s efforts of saving twelve million kilograms of surplus food in the last decade Australia still wastes 8 –10 billion dollars of good food each year.

Also speaking at the event was the Opposition Environment Spokesperson Mr. Mark Butler who thanked the Minister for the opportunity to participate and supported the proposal on behalf of the Labor party.

Next to speak was the Deputy Leader of the Greens, Larissa Waters who also endorsed the Minister’s announcement. She added that there was also a need to explore changes in the cosmetic standards of supermarkets explaining that ugly food can also be edible food and possible changes could assist in alleviating food waste, landfill and carbon emissions.

Mr. Christopher Woodthorpe, Director of the United Nations Information Center, welcomed the tripartisan support and spoke briefly about the global challenges of food waste and loss and their direct links to climate change and the sustainable development goals.

Those attending the event were treated to a delicious meal created by chefs from Parliament House and OZHarvest, with from food that would have ordinarily been thrown out.

The Think.Eat.Save event coincided with World Environment Day the following day.