Pulses: Orphan Crop of the Super foods

In the fourth episode of TARGET: Zero Hunger we walk you through some fertile ground by digging into the ideas and perceptions concerning one of our world’s most powerful super foods. We explore why pulses have become an orphan crop and we’ll talk to some of the people trying hard to change that.

In this episode, we hear Paulina Ceballos from the Global Pulse Confederation explain the trouble with the word “pulse” and why we should celebrate the international year; food critic and writer Saúl Cepeda speak about the culture of pulses in modern cuisine; farmer and board member to the World Farmers’ Organization, Fritz Glauser, explains the benefits of planting pulses; FAO’s Teodardo Calles explains why pulses are good for food security and sheds light on an interesting fact about the international trade of pulses crops.


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