Syria Crisis – United Nations Response 1 June 2016

UN concerned over fate of 8,000 Syrians trapped by fighting in northern Aleppo

The United Nations is deeply concerned over the fate of an estimated 8,000 Syrians trapped by fighting around the towns of Mare’a and Sheikh Issa in northern Aleppo Governorate following advances in the last three days by Da’esh into areas controlled by non-state armed groups. An unknown number of people are also unable to flee due to fighting and the closure of the main road leading north towards the town of Azaz in northwestern Syria. The UN is deeply concerned that many civilians in these areas are at risk of attack. In a statement issued on 30 May, the UN Resident Coordinator for Syria, Yacoub El Hillo, and the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis, Kevin Kennedy, called on all parties to the conflict to ensure the unhindered movement and protection of civilians trying to reach safety, as well as their access to life-saving assistance at their current locations or on their way to other destinations.