UNEP-INTERPOL Report: Value of Environmental Crime up 26%

Rebel groups
Criminal networks linked to the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have spent about 2 per cent of their proceeds to fund up to 49 different rebel groups. According to some estimates by the UN, the illegal exploitation of natural resources in eastern DRC is valued at $722-862 million annually.

Illegal logging
The value of forestry crimes, including corporate crimes and illegal logging, is estimated at $50-152 billion per year.

White collar crime
The report looks at the rise of white collar environmental crime, from the use of shell companies in tax havens to launder money generated from illegal logging to transfer mispricing, hacking and identity theft. Carbon trading is the world’s fastest growing commodities market. Carbon credit fraud cases have involved sums of transfers and profits that stretch into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Download a copy of the report here http://unep.org/documents/itw/environmental_crimes.pdf
Download an additional fact sheet, which includes all the key numbers, information on 2015 Interpol operations and recommendations: http://unep.org/documents/itw/eco_crime.pdf
Download associated photos (credit according to captions): https://www.flickr.com/photos/unep/albums/72157668824370682
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