UN To Begin Pacific Strategy Consultations In Kiribati

Press Release
30 June 2016

United Nations Resident Coordinator for the Pacific, Osnat Lubrani heads to Kiribati for Pacific-hqdefaultwide national consultations to inform the development of the new United Nations Pacific Strategy. She will be accompanied by several United Nations (UN) Senior Officials.

Ms Lubrani said the consultations and development of the new Pacific Strategy will represent a new way of working for UN in the region.

“We are engaging with a wide array of stakeholders in each country and we encourage new, innovative ideas and approaches to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Pacific.cq5dam.web.540.390

“The purpose of the consultations will be to identify where the resources of the UN – be that funding, technical expertise or other support – can be best utilised to help Pacific Island Countries achieve their own development objectives,” says Ms Lubrani.