UN’s Coming Together Campaign in Canberra – In the Lead Up to International Women’s Day

Her Excellency also noted that ” it is time for the international community to forge a comprehensive global compact on the large-scale movement of refugees and migrant women; a compact based on fair and equitable burden sharing; that aims to ensure that the displaced persons do not become victims of xenophobic attitudes and political expediency; a compact that provides greater avenues for legal migration; and takes a holistic view of the situation”.

Highlighting the role of Pakistani women in peacekeeping she added ” UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon said, “Women who are treated by female members of Pakistan’s medical unit; children who play football on fields constructed by Pakistani troops; civilians who are able live in peace; thanks to the stabilizing presence of these brave Pakistanis. I have watched them in action, I am profoundly grateful for their service”.

On closing, Her Excellency stated “Today, we have the responsibility to carry forward their commitment; to help create a world, where no one is left behind, in our shared quest for human dignity, safety and respect.

Chair of the Canberra Multicultural Community Forum Diana Rahman through her vote of thanks noted that the evening had been one of synergies – an important element for coming Together. We must encourage strength in diversity not weakness in division, she added.

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