Media Release – The United Nations and the Government Sign the United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2018-2022

The United Nations undertook a thorough review of its own systems, as well as the situation in the country, to better inform what type of support it should provide and how/where it can contribute most effectively to Papua New Guinea’s development. The UNDAF 2018-2022 was developed in an inclusive and participatory manner through consultations with the Government, as well as development and civil society partners.
The resulting support will be focused in the four outcome areas listed below, which in turn are grounded in the key elements of the Sustainable Development Goals that underpin the achievement of the Government’s Vision 2050. Work in each of the outcome areas will be developed and implemented through partnerships with local, regional, national and international organizations, businesses and communities.

1. People – Inclusive Human Development & Equitable Services
2. Prosperity – Inclusive & Sustainable Growth
3. Planet – Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Biodiversity Conservation,    Strengthened Climate & Disaster Resilience
4. Peace – Promoting Inclusive, Governance, Justice & Peace