UNIC Canberra and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade join together for Sustainable Development Education

The students who come from the coastal New South Wales town of Shoalhaven, were particularly interested to learn about goal 14- life below water which looks at conserving and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. They were concerned about the damaging effects of the oceans particularly when Mr Woodthorpe mentioned that during the students lifetime there could be “more plastic in the ocean than fish”. The students were interested to learn of ways to help improve life under the water.

Throughout the presentation there was time for the students to ask questions on these topics. While many of the questions focused on  what the UN does to protect the environment, the students also asked about human rights, peace and security. The event demonstrated a successful partnership which highlighted the contributions that the United Nations and the Australian Government are making to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Photo and text by Melissa Marinier UNIC Canberra