UN in the Pacific; working together to build resilience and reduce vulnerabilities

Mr Burkhanov also gave a brief overview of The Framework for Resilient Development in the Pacific (FRDP) – the world’s first regional integrated framework designed to build resilience to climate change and disasters. The framework treats climate change and natural disasters as development challenges, outlining priority actions to address climate and natural disaster vulnerability, and to enhance resilience across all sectors.

He went on to discuss how the UN is broadening the scope of ‘resilience’ beyond disaster preparedness, and enhancing community capacity to adapt to change through programs targeting better livelihoods, jobs and economic opportunities for women, men and youth, through more efficient planning, and through more participatory governance mechanisms on the ground.

But while significant progress has been made, Mr Burkhanov noted there is still much to be done, with a particular need for investment targeting women, children and the marginalized and vulnerable.

“Although women, youth and vulnerable groups are more severely affected by disasters, gender-sensitive and socially inclusive investments in disaster, risk reduction and recovery have been limited,” he said.

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