UN launches strategy for digital transformation of peacekeeping

The Organization and its 12 peacekeeping missions around the world must fully embrace new technology in the face of ever-changing challenges, the UN chief said as he outlined to the Security Council his Strategy for the Digital Transformation of UN Peacekeeping.

New technologies are changing the character and nature of conflict, with an “indelible impact” on civilians, Secretary-General António Guterres told the ministerial-level open debate on technology and peacekeeping – a highlight of India’s turn as Council President this month.

Outlining the objectives of the Digital Transformation Strategy, the top UN official said that it aims to drive technology innovation at Headquarters and in the field.

It also seeks to maximize the potential of current and new technologies to help peacekeeping missions carry out their mandates – including an improve capacity to spot threats to civilian lives.

Peace operations should be better able to detect, analyze and address threats against both civilians and peacekeepers, as well as political and humanitarian missions, in a timely and integrated way”, he continued. More