A matter of life or death: At COP26, vulnerable countries tell developed nations it’s time to keep their promise on climate finance

Massive floods, devastating wildfires, and rising seas – along with the countless lives they take and livelihoods they upend – are realities many nations are already facing. Voices from the front lines of climate change and its impacts were centre stage to start week two of COP26, which kicked off Monday in Glasgow with a focus on ‘adaptation, loss and damage’.

Their main call: developed countries must uphold their promise of finance and support to the small states that are at risk of losing so much to the combat against climate change.

Meanwhile, the COP26 presidency held a ‘stock take event’ to discuss the current state of the negotiations at the conference. Fittingly, representatives of developing countries made a strong call to resolve remaining items left on the agenda with a special emphasis on finance.

They also said that the plethora of commitments announced last week are welcomed, but action remains to be seen. More