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Deep Fakes, Dis- and Mis-information and Hacking: Preventing Conflict in the Cyber Age

One of the most significant challenges facing mediators today is managing the volume, variety and velocity of information on social media, including disinformation and hate speech. As the UN’s lead entity for conflict prevention and peacebuilding, DPPA has a central role to play, including by engaging with social media companies and in implementing the UN Strategy and Plan of Action on Hate Speech. More

Fiji Police Force receive personal protective equipment to assist the COVID-19 response

Police officers in Fiji have been on the frontline supporting government’s response measures to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring safety and security of all Fijians. New Zealand and the UN Development Programme (UNDP) handed over personal protective equipment (PPE) worth FJ$85,500 to the Fiji Police Force to help protect individual police officers from potential health risks. More

Empowering Solomon Islands’ Media for Good Governance

The Solomon Islands’ media industry is a fast-growing one and there was a need to have a platform that would support an enabling environment for free and independent media and strengthen their capacities. With the Transparency and Accountability project’s support, the journalists’ capacity building on reporting corruption and bribes are boosted. Thanks to this support, the media is more informed and has better knowledge on issues they have to communicate to people. More

Paris Climate Explainer video

Aidan Gallagher, actor, singer-musician and Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Environment Programme, explains how the Paris Climate Agreement is our roadmap to creating a world of clean air and clean energy, with vibrant forests and oceans. As we approach Earth Day and the US Leaders’ Climate Summit, collective action to limit a further rise in global temperature has never been more urgent. This is the first in a series of explainers called Within our grasp. Narrated by environmentalists around the globe, Within our grasp shows how the Paris Agreement will help tackle the climate crisis. More