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Murringo Public School Talks Sustainable Development Goals

In a small town in New South Wales there is a small stone school surrounded by 100 year old elm trees. The students of Murringo Primary School and UNIC Canberra spent a happy day discussing, interviewing and filming thoughts on the Sustainable Development Goals – this is the result.

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World Humanitarian Day Briefing by UN Resident Coordinator, Papua New Guinea

IMG_4398 (1)On the 23 August to celebrate World Humanitarian Day UNIC Canberra organised a Diplomatic briefing via Webex by the UN Resident Coordinator, Papua New Guinea, Mr Roy Trivedy.

The briefing was focused on the El Nino climate pattern over the last year, its impact on Papua New Guinea and the corresponding humanitarian efforts to assist communities.

Beginning his briefing, Mr Trivedy said that the El Nino brought with it severe drought and frosts which was catastrophic for a country like Papua New Guinea which has 80 percent of its population heavily reliant of subsistence agriculture.

He explained the various impacts of the El Nino and how communities struggled to cope. One main issue was the lack of rainfall which resulted in the rivers and rainwater catchments drying up leading to a drastic decrease in access to clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. And where communities were reliant on waterways for transport the drop in water level caused difficulties in accessing markets, he said.

In addition to these problems drought created food shortages and food insecurity as food gardens wouldn’t grow – resulting in some communities having to rely on wild crops and berries which is generally regarded as famine food, he added.

Promoting Sustainable Living through photography

CIT students at launch of UN CIT Photography competitionUNIC Canberra joined the Canberra Institute of Technology to launch the 2016 Photography Competition. Now in its seventh year with the theme of “Living Sustainably”, the competition aims to challenge photography students to picture one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in a way that would encourage each and every one of us to take action Continue reading

International Year of Pulses – Celebrated in South Australia


Adelaide, 8 June 2016: The versatility and ease of preparation of pulses were on display at a school cooking class at Kilkenny Primary School in Adelaide. It was no ordinary class for the 30 students who had the opportunity to cook a range of dishes with the help of celebrity chefs and VIPs.
The event, organized by the South Australian Division of the United Nations Association of Australia, was the culmination of the school’s focus on the International Year of Pulses (IYP). It had been preceded by short talk on the benefits of pulses at the school assembly by Peter Semmler, from the Australian IYP Committee. Peter, as well as internationally renowned chef Cheong Liew, and Adelaide chefs Gareth Grierson of The Red Door Bakery and Fatema Ayubi of the Parwana Afghani Restaurant, were joined by UNIC Director, Christopher Woodthorpe, to each cook a specific dish with a team of students.


With the Adelaide Advertiser on hand to record the event, the pressure was on in the kitchens as knives chopped, pans sizzled and the room was filled with enticing aromas. Having cleaned their stations, composted waste products and set out their dishes, the assembled sat down to a delicious five course meal of soup, frittatas, fritters and fabulous salads as the pulses came into their own in a feast that all will remember.

For more information on International Year of Pulses

2016 World Oceans Day Celebrated with South Australian Students



Adelaide, 8 June 2016. While the wind whipped the surf up only a short distance away, UNIC Canberra celebrated World Oceans Day 2016 at two primary schools in Adelaide. At both the Kilkenny and Fulham North primary schools, the young students were quick to put up their hands and engage in a discussion about keeping the oceans free of litter and enjoyed watching a short UNEP video about marine litter.


Speaking to the children, the UNIC Director, told them of one of the ocean garage patches which was one and half times the size of the state they lived in, South Australia and how marine litter impacts marine animals and plants. When asked who had participated in a beach clean-up it was inspiring to see hundreds of hands up. The idea of using less plastic and trying not to use plastic bags were also voiced by many of children as was the importance of discarding litter properly. They also recognised the importance of reusing plastic and were amazed when the UNIC Director showed them the plastic water bottle he had taken around the world with him.

UN’s Free and Equal Campaign Travels to Rural Australia

Students from Bilabong High School, with Amnesty International and UNIC representativesOn the 24th May, UNIC Canberra NIO, Julia Dean traveled with the Community Organiser from Amnesty International Australia, Bede Carmody to Billabong High School in southern New South Wales. The students from the school had invited both the UN and Amnesty to talk to year nine on LGBTI rights. Continue reading

World Autism Awareness Day at Sydney Opera House

World Autism Awareness Day at Sydney Opera HouseUNIC Canberra joined Autism Awareness Australia to mark World Autism Awareness Day at a special evening event at the Sydney Opera House.  Over 200 guests, including Federal and State politicians, corporate executives, leaders of civil society, as well as many parents and friends of children with autism joined together to mark the Day and watch the Sydney Opera House light up blue above them. Continue reading

International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Maxine Evers, Associate Dean of Education, UTS Faculty of Law Christopher Woodthorpe, Director, UNIC Canberra Jennifer Burn, Director, Anti-Slavery Australia, Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney’To mark the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, UNIC Canberra organised a film screening of Queen Nanny: Legendary Maroon Chieftainess in conjunction with the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology Sydney.  The screening was part of a series of events organised on the theme “Women and Slavery” Continue reading