Easter 2023: Bank and School Holidays in Easter 2023

Easter 2023: Every year the festival of Easter is celebrated with great pomp all over the world. Because, after Christmas, Easter is one of the biggest festivals of Christianity. People of the Christian faith believe that Good Friday Jesus Christ returned on Easter day; that is, Jesus Christ was resurrected after being crucified.

Below this article, we will share all this information on the Catholic Easter 2023 date, Orthodox Easter 2023, Australia, 2023 Easter holidays, and Easter long weekend 2023 for the ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS Victoria, and WA.

Why is Easter Day celebrated?

According to Christianity, Lord Jesus left his body on Good Friday. He was resurrected two days after his death. It is believed that after rebirth, Lord Jesus stayed with his disciples for 40 days. Since then, the festival of Easter has been celebrated for 40 days. This festival is celebrated as the victory of truth over untruth and violence over non-violence.

Significance of Easter 2023

Easter 2023

Easter is a memorable day for the people of the Christian religion. In fact, on the day of Good Friday, Lord Jesus was crucified after giving many kinds of tortures. Two days after this, Lord Jesus was resurrected on Sunday. People of the Christian community celebrate this day like a festival. This day is also called Easter Sunday.

The Bible is read in the church on Easter Day, and Lord Jesus is remembered. The week before Easter Day is called Easter Week. On this day, people light candles. The church across the globe are decorated for this unique festival. It is believed that Lord Jesus forgave even the people who tortured him.

Easter 2023 Bank Holidays, School Holidays:

Easter 2023 dates and Holidays:

Easter holiday 2023Easter dates 2023
Easter Friday 2023Friday 7 April 2023
Easter Saturday 2023 AustraliaSaturday 8 April 2023
Easter Sunday 2023 AustraliaSunday 9 April 2023
Easter Monday 2023 AustraliaMonday 10 April 2023
Easter long weekend 2023Friday 7 April 2023 – Monday 10 April 2023

Catholic and Orthodox Easter 2023:

Easter holiday 2023Easter 2023 dates
Catholic Easter 2023 dateSunday 9 April 2023
Easter long weekend 2023Friday 7 April 2023 – Monday 10 April 2023
Easter weekend 2023 Good Friday 7 April 2023
Easter Saturday 8 April 2023
Easter Sunday 9 April 2023
Easter Monday 10 April 2023
Orthodox Good Friday 2023Friday 14 April 2023
Orthodox Easter 2023 Sunday 16 April 2023

Easter Sunday 2023 Interesting Facts

  • Easter is considered a day of happiness among Christians. It is also called Easter Sunday.
  • Easter Sunday is a day of change in people. It is believed that after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the people who tortured him also repented a lot.
  • By lighting numerous candles on Easter Sunday, devotees of Jesus express their unwavering devotion and faith in him. On this day, apart from the church, many people also light candles in their homes.

What are Easter Eggs?

Although many dishes are made on Easter day, the Easter egg has its unique place. There is a lot of enthusiasm among kids for these delicious chocolate eggs. It is a bar of chocolate made in the shape of an egg hollow from the inside.

Eggs are specially decorated on Easter Sunday. Different types of designs are curated on the eggs. On this occasion, people gift each other eggs because the message of new life and new enthusiasm is hidden in the egg.

Easter Sunday and Easter Bunny

While children wait for Santa Claus on the occasion of Christmas, the wait for the Easter Bunny can be seen on Easter day. Today, the Easter egg has become a commodity, delivered to people’s homes by a bunny. There is no mention of this Easter Bunny in the Bible. It is believed that this ritual originated in Germany.

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