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United Nations Works With Airline Industry to Stop Human Trafficking

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) isĀ  working hard with partners to stop human trafficking. Named the Global “Blue Heart Campaign” it was recently promoted in Sydney at the International Air Transport Association conference at which the UNODC told the association members they are looking to transportation companies for their help in the fight against human trafficking.

Hear more from Mr Felipe De La Torre from UNODC in this interview.

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It is Time to End Human Trafficking

It is time to end human trafficking a transnational crime happening everywhere. We need everyone to join the Blue Heart Campaign says Gillian Murray, UNODC Deputy Director for the Division of Policy Analysis and Public Affairs.

She also tells us that “the aviation industry is a key partner in preventing human trafficking by being an additional set of compassionate eyes and ears.” Listen here

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