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UN calls for increased efforts to combat corruption as part of International Anti-Corruption Day

Port Moresby, 8 December, 2016 – Every year on 9th of December the world celebrates International Anti-Corruption Day with an aim to raise public awareness of corruption and what people can do to fight it.
Photo-caption: Civil servant in PNG using “Phones Against Corruption” service.



Corruption is an issue that affects all countries around the world. It contributes to a lack of trust and confidence in governance and leadership, undermines democracy, and sets countries back economically.

International Day of Democracy 2013: Strengthening Voices for Democracy

International Day of DemocracyAustralia celebrated the International Day of Democracy, with this year’s theme of ‘Strengthening Voices for Democracy’, at an all day event hosted by the Museum of Australian Democracy which is located in the Old Parliament House in Canberra. A partnership which is now in its third year saw the museum fly the UN flag and provide its visitors Continue reading