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Together, Respect, Safety and Dignity for All Campaign

Diana Rahman, OAM Chair, Canberra Multicultural Community Forum and President of Australian Muslim Voice speaks to UNIC Canberra about being the daughter of migrant parents their influence and her hopes for a tolerant society.  This interview is part of a series that UNIC is undertaking as part of the UN Global ‘Together, Respect, Safety and Dignity For All’ campaign.

For more information on the campaign: together.un.org/

ACT Diversity campaign launch

Director of UNIC Canberra Christopher Woodthorpe at ACT Diveristy campaign launchTo mark the International Day of Tolerance Director of UNIC Canberra Christopher Woodthorpe took part in the launch of a new campaign “Diversity Goes with the Territory” celebrating diversity and inclusion in the Australian Capital Territory. The campaign was launched in partnership with Office for Multicultural Affairs, Justice and Community Safety Directorate, community stakeholders and ACT Police. Continue reading

“Do One Thing for Diversity and Inclusion” video contest

Do One Thing for Diversity and InclusionIn 2001, UNESCO adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity and in December 2002, the UN General Assembly, in its resolution 57/249, declared May 21 to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development.The day provides us with an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the values of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better.  Continue reading