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WFP Donate Responsibly campaign in the pacific returns to promote better ways of giving

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today announced the return of the Donate Responsibly campaign to raise awareness about responsible ways of donating to help disaster-affected communities recover better and faster.

“The public are incredibly generous following cyclones in the Pacific, but we want to be sure that their generosity is as effective as possible. The campaign aims to educate people about the issues with sending unrequested goods after a cyclone – and give them other avenues to explore so that their generous support can make a difference,” said Jo Pilgrim, Country Director of WFP’s Pacific Multi-Country Office.

The campaign will coincide with the ongoing South Pacific cyclone season. Through the campaign website, DonateResponsibly.org, visitors can take an interactive journey to learn how donations assumed to be useful may be the opposite. Visitors can also read about the inappropriate things sent to a disaster zone, as well as calculate their impact; comparing what emergency supplies can be bought for the same price as sending goods. More

Donating after a disaster? Think outside the box! 

Donating goods overseas after disasters can be unhelpful and even harmful and with the Pacific Cyclone season now in full swing the World Food Programme this week started a campaign urging people to donate responsibly.

Julia Dean from the United Nations Information Centre in Canberra spoke with Jo Pilgrim, Director of WFP’s Pacific Multi-Country office in Fiji and first asked what are the goods often donated and where does this generosity come from? Listen

Image: UBDs in Vanuatu : Photo: Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office

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