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UN in the Pacific Colleagues Speak with University of Canberra Students This Week

Aligning with the words of the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, “Partnerships are at the core of our strategy”, the United Nations Information Centre in Canberra partnered with UN family in Timor Leste to deliver educational outreach webinars to the students of University of Canberra, Australia on 29th April 2020. The webinars were well attended by students of various disciplines, academia and interested civil society members.
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Talking Sustainable Development at St. Edmunds College, Canberra

The students at St. Edmunds were ready and waiting to greet the UNIC Director and his colleague when they arrived to talk to the 6th Grade about the United Nations and the SDGs.

The lively session demonstrated the students’ knowledge of global affairs and touched on issues such as how to achieve gender parity, why certain MDGs were not as prominent in the SDGs and what would the UN do when all the SDGs were met.

The students were asked to think about how they could contribute to achieving the SDGs and were left with a number of ideas they could take up.