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International Day of Peace in Canberra

The International Day of Peace was celebrated on the shores of Lake Burly Griffin in Canberra with the ringing of the Peace Bell.

The public ceremony included the UNIC Director talking about the Day and reading the Secretary-General’s message as well as the awarding of the ACT Chief Minister’s Rotary Peace Prize to the NGO, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF).

Mr. Robert Tickner, AO, Ambassador for ICAN in his keynote address spoke about the need to rid the world of nuclear weapons and urged for the ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  In addition to the glorious spring sunshine, the audience were treated to the music of the Junior Concert Band from the ACT Instrumental Music Programme and A Chorus of Women.

Photo: Director of UNIC Canberra Ringing Peace Bell

Message for the 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace

The Secretary-General
13 June 2017

Upon taking up my duties as Secretary-General in January of this year, my very first act was to issue an appeal for peace — a call on citizens, governments and leaders everywhere to put peace first.

The International Day of Peace, observed every year on 21 September, embodies our shared aspiration to end the needless suffering caused by armed conflict.  It offers a moment for the peoples of the world to acknowledge the ties that bind them together, irrespective of their countries of origin.  It is a day on which the United Nations calls for a 24-hour global ceasefire, with the hope that one day of peace can lead to another, and another, and ultimately to a stilling of the guns.

100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace 2014

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on the 21st of September.  Today marks the 100-day countdown to the International Day of Peace, when the United Nations calls on nations, communities and individuals to renounce conflict and promote harmony.  Continue reading