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International Year of Pulses – Celebrated in South Australia


Adelaide, 8 June 2016: The versatility and ease of preparation of pulses were on display at a school cooking class at Kilkenny Primary School in Adelaide. It was no ordinary class for the 30 students who had the opportunity to cook a range of dishes with the help of celebrity chefs and VIPs.
The event, organized by the South Australian Division of the United Nations Association of Australia, was the culmination of the school’s focus on the International Year of Pulses (IYP). It had been preceded by short talk on the benefits of pulses at the school assembly by Peter Semmler, from the Australian IYP Committee. Peter, as well as internationally renowned chef Cheong Liew, and Adelaide chefs Gareth Grierson of The Red Door Bakery and Fatema Ayubi of the Parwana Afghani Restaurant, were joined by UNIC Director, Christopher Woodthorpe, to each cook a specific dish with a team of students.


With the Adelaide Advertiser on hand to record the event, the pressure was on in the kitchens as knives chopped, pans sizzled and the room was filled with enticing aromas. Having cleaned their stations, composted waste products and set out their dishes, the assembled sat down to a delicious five course meal of soup, frittatas, fritters and fabulous salads as the pulses came into their own in a feast that all will remember.

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