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New World Soil Charter endorsed by FAO members

International Year of Soils logoThe first World Soil Charter (WSC) was conceived and formulated, negotiated and adopted by the FAO member countries in the 1981 FAO Conference. It was a major normative instrument agreed by member states, and that the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) was duty-bound to promote its principles. The challenges faced by the world have become more evident and severe in Continue reading

FAO launches the #soils4life Instagram contest

FAO #soils4lifePost a photo, raise awareness on the importance of soils, win a prize! This year, soils are at the centre of global attention. As part of the International Year of Soils, FAO are turning to you to help them highlight the importance of sustainable soil management. FAO are launching the #soils4life contest on Instagram to share photos related to soils, their potential, their functions, but also instances of exploitation or abuse to help draw attention to the myriad of issues concerning this valuable resource. Continue reading