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Press Conference – UN Expert on the rights of Indigenous peoples – to share the Special Rapporteur’s preliminary findings on Australia

When:  Monday 3 April at 11.30 am

Where: UN Information Center, Level 1, 7 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600 Australia.

Please let me know should you wish to line up any one on one interviews after the press conference or in the afternoon.

Please note you can watch on Periscope @UNICCanberra

The human rights situation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Australia has been examined by the UN Special Rapporteur, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, who has visited the country from 20 March to 3 April.

Press Conference Advisory


Who: United Nations Special Rapporteur On the contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, Mr Mutuma Ruteere.

When: 5 December 2016, 12.30 – 13:30

Where: UN Information Centre, Level 1, 7 National Circuit, Barton, Canberra (John McEwen House)

His visit: He is on a follow-up visit to Australia to gather first-hand information on the situation of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance in the country.

The Special Rapporteur will share his preliminary findings and recommendations at the press conference

Below is a link to original media announcement of visit with supplementary information:

Human rights: UN expert on racism launches follow-up visit to Australia

This is the only opportunity for media during the visit. Please note parking is scarce in Barton.

Please let us know if you are able to attend. Refreshments available.
Additional Information

Link to the Special Procedures page ( the Special Rapporteur is part of a group known as Special Procedures who are independent experts appointed by the Human Rights Council.

The UN Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights provides Secretariat Support to the Human Rights Council and also the Special Procedures )

The United Nations Secretary-General Press Conference Geneva, 3 October 2016

Ladies and gentlemen,

As Secretary-General, I have visited Switzerland more times than any other country in the world.

This Palais des Nations is my second home. I thank Switzerland for generously supporting our Strategic Heritage Plan, which is securing these premises for future generations.

Geneva is the UN’s starting point to lead the world’s response to humanitarian suffering, human rights abuses, pandemics, labour problems and more.

Geneva also generously hosts important mediation processes.

Many of you have been closely following the Syrian talks. Thank you for keeping the spotlight on this catastrophic crisis.

My Special Envoy, Staffan de Mistura, has been doing everything possible to impress on the parties – and influential countries – that there can be no military solution.

We are out of words to express our outrage at the carnage, especially in Aleppo. The brutality is unrelenting. I strongly condemn the deliberate campaign against civilians and health workers and humanitarian personnel trying to save them. The parties have first obligation, countries with influence are also responsible for ending the attacks.

Secretary-General’s press encounter – full transcript

Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for this opportunity.

As you know, tonight I will fly back to Paris again to take part in the climate change conference.

I was very encouraged by what I saw and I heard during the opening days of COP21 – the Summit meeting. World leaders did precisely what they were meant to do: give strong impetus to the negotiations.

Almost all countries have submitted climate action plans, known as INDCs [Intended Nationally Determined Contributions].  Major economies have made significant commitments to cut emissions.  Many developed countries have made new financial commitments to help poor and vulnerable countries adapt to climate impacts. Continue reading

Secretary-General’s End of Year Press Conference

With 2013 marked by a deterioration “beyond all imagination” in the Syrian conflict and the “imminent danger of mass atrocities” looming in the Central African Republic (CAR), Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called on world leaders to follow the example of the late South African President Nelson Mandela in making 2014 the year of protecting people. Continue reading