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Secretary-General’s message on World Youth Skills Day

“Reimagining youth skills post pandemic”

Today, we celebrate youth resilience, drive and innovation in times of COVID-19.

Young people were already facing disproportionate levels of unemployment and under-employment before the pandemic.  More than one out of five youth were not in employment, education, or training,  the majority of them young women.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further aggravated this troubling situation.  In many cases, it has forced organizations to pause skills development training.  Distance learning posed a particular challenge for Technical Vocational Education and Training, particularly among marginalized youth.

To recover better, we must address the longstanding disparities and challenges faced by young people.  That means ramping up skills development and education, with a particular focus on climate action, sustainable development, gender equality and inclusivity.  It is crucial to boost investments in Technical Vocational Education and Training, broadband connectivity and digital skills. Continue reading