Educational Materials

UN Public Inquiries Unit – The UN Public Inquiries Unit handles queries from the general public about the United Nations and its work. Public Inquiries produces easy-to-read and topical Fact Sheets and has a variety of brochures, publications and posters published by the UN Department of Global Communications, as well as by other UN Departments, Agencies and Programmes.

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World’s Largest Lesson

In 2015 The United Nations launched The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, a series of ambitious targets to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice and fix climate change for everyone by 2030.

If the Goals are met, they ensure the health, safety and future of the planet for everyone on it.
And their best chance of being met is if everyone on the planet is aware of them.

The World’s Largest Lesson brings the Global Goals to children all over the world, reaching over 130 countries and millions of children since its launch in September 2015.

Access free and creative resources for educators to teach lessons, run projects and stimulate action in support of the Goals. At the heart of the resources sit animated films written by Sir Ken Robinson, animated by Aardman and introduced by figures students know and respect, like Emma Watson, Serena Williams, Malala Yousafzai, Kolo Touré, Neymar Jr, Hrithik Roshan and Nancy Ajram. These films establish a context for the Goals and inspire students to use their creative powers to support and take action for them.

70 Ways the United Nations Makes a Difference – through the voices of young people from around the world, a sampling of what the UN and its agencies have accomplished since 1945.

UN Chronicle – The UN Chronicle, a quarterly journal published by the Department of Global Communications since 1946, covers information and debate on activities of the United Nations system. It features essays and opinions from official, non-governmental, academic, and policymaking groups connected with the Organization.

Model UN
Hundreds of thousands of students from primary schools to universities participate in Model UN simulations each year. The United Nations Department of Global Communications has replaced the Global Model UN conference with two MUN workshops each year. These workshops are designed for university students and MUN advisors that organize Model UN simulations around the world. The aim of the workshops is to examine how Model UN simulations can more accurately capture the negotiation process as it commonly occurs at the UN. More information on how to apply can be found here. For those wishing to participate in a Model UN conference while in the Asia-Pacific region you can participate in the Asia-Pacific Model United Nations Conference. Another popular simulation is the World Model UN.  Learn more by visiting our Get Involved page.

Glossary of Terms for United Nations Delegates (PDF) – includes over 700 terms, abbreviations and acronyms frequently heard at United Nations conferences.

Online Games
The UN has produced several online games to raise awareness of the range and complexity of challenges facing the UN and its operations.

  • Against All Odds – interactive game created by UNHCR to increase knowledge on refugee
    situations by putting players in the position of a refugee. 
  • Food Force – a popular video game on world hunger created by WFP. Six different
    missions. For 8-13 year olds. 
  • Stop Disasters! – learn how to respond to disasters in this simulation video game from UNISDR.
  • Free Rice – put your spelling to the test – feed the hungry.

UN Publications Online

  • United Nations Chronicle – journal for informed debate on the work of the Organization. UN Chronicle Online includes a new UN Education Portal. 
  • UN Pulse Tumblr – alerts you to selected just-released UN online information, major reports, publications and documents.

The UN publishes more than 400 titles a year. To find out more click here.

UNIC Canberra Youtube Channel – find a selection of educational videos from around the whole UN system on a range of issues sorted into topical playlists.